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2 Days Sound Healing In Rishikesh, India | Aradhana Yogashala

2 Days Sound Healing In Rishikesh

Get ready to discover a world of musical instruments that are not just for playing tunes. We're talking about singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and drums that have special powers to make you feel better.

Aradhana Yogashala offers 2 Days Sound Healing in Rishikesh that focuses on various instruments. It helps you to explore the deep effects of sound on your well-being. Through singing bowls, Gong, and other instruments, you'll learn how to create balance within your body and spirit. You will also discover how sound vibrations can promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance your body's natural healing processes.

So, uncover the power of sounds and vibrations to heal your soul. Join Aradhana Yogashala for two days of deep immersion into the healing world of sound and experience the peace and wellness it can bring to your life.

Why Choose Our 2 Days Sound Healing In Rishikesh At Aradhana Yogashala

2 Days Sound Healing In Rishikesh

Let's explore the unique features of our 2 Days Sound Healing Course in Rishikesh, India.

Nature's Beauty

Our sound healing retreat in India takes you to a calm and beautiful place where nature works its magic on your mind and spirit. You'll feel more peaceful and happy. And, if you're up for some fun, you can go trekking, rafting, and bungee jumping!

Guidance From Sound Healing Experts

We have a team of experienced sound healing teachers who have a deep knowledge of sound. They'll teach you everything so you can also become a sound healing expert.

Nutrient-rich Meals

You need healthy and nutritious food to feel your best, right? At Aradhana Yogashala, we serve delicious and healthy meals that will make you feel strong and full of energy during your 2 Days Sound Healing in Rishikesh, India.

Collective Learning

You won't be alone on this journey; you will have like-minded friends on the same path. So, you'll learn, practice, and grow together, helping each other.

Continued Learning Pathway

Learning about sound healing is just the beginning. We'll give you the keys to open doors to more knowledge. You'll have access to books, articles, and extra training. Our sound healing experts will guide you on your path to improve your overall well-being with the healing nature of sound.

Curriculum Of Our 2 Days Sound Healing Course Rishikesh

2 Days Sound Healing In Rishikesh

Our comprehensive curriculum of 2 Days Sound Healing in Rishikesh offers an in-depth knowledge of sound. Here's a glance at what you'll learn in our 2 Days Sound Healing Retreat

Sound Healing Introduction

  • Introduction to the sound healing
  • Historical and foundational aspects of sound healing
  • Healing potential of sound

Techniques and Applications

  • Various sound healing techniques
  • Hands-on experience with vocal toning, drumming, and more
  • The connection between sound and chakras

Music and Harmony

  • Basic music theory principles and their role in sound healing
  • Exploring rhythm, harmony, melody, and their therapeutic effects

Personal Transformation of Sound Healing

  • Sound healing's impact on stress, anxiety, and emotional well-being
  • Using sound to foster relaxation, inner peace, and rejuvenation

Hands-On Practice

  • Guided practice sessions for sound healing techniques
  • Individual and group sessions for comprehensive learning

Join us for this enriching 2-day retreat to delve into the depths of sound healing and its transformative power.

Daily Schedule For 2 Days Sound Healing In Rishikesh

2 Days Yoga Retreat In Rishikesh

At Aradhana Yogashala, our daily schedule is crafted to give you breaks for relaxation between your studies and activities.

Here is the daily schedule of 2 Days Sound Healing In India:

Day 1
  • Hatha Yoga -07:00 AM
  • Yoga Detoxification/ Pranayama -08:15 AM
  • Ganga Aarti (World famous prayer to Ganges) -06:00 PM
Day 2
  • Hatha Yoga -07:00 AM
  • Yoga Detoxification/ Pranayama -08:15 AM
  • Vasisht Cave -11:00 PM
  • Evening Yoga & Meditation -04:15 PM

Eligibility And Certification For 2 Days Sound Healing Retreat in Rishikesh, India

2 Days Yoga Retreat In Rishikesh


  • Our 2 Days Sound Healing Retreat in Rishikesh at Aradhana Yogashala welcomes participants of all levels. So, no prior experience is necessary.
  • With an open heart and willingness to learn, you're ready to begin this transformative journey.
  • Aradhana Yogashala requires participants to have basic understanding of English language.


Upon completion of our 2 days sound healing retreat, participants will receive a certificate of attendance. This certificate acknowledges your participation and dedication to exploring the profound world of sound healing.

While certification as a sound healer requires further advanced training, our retreat serves as a valuable step in your journey towards understanding and applying sound healing principles.

What Does The Course Fee Include / Not Include At Aradhana Yogashala?

Sound Healing Introduction

  • Three Yogic Meals and Beverages
  • Accommodation (Single Or Shared)
  • Study materials (Yoga Books, Notebooks, and Pens)
  • Cleansing Kits and Japa Mala (a string of beads)
  • Evening Ganga Beach Meditation
  • Ganga Beach Yoga & Kirtan Eve
  • Weekend Excursions
  • Study tours to different Ashrams and Temples

Not Include

  • Travel Expenses
  • Laundry Services (available at additional costs)
  • Air Conditioning / Heater (available at extra charges)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Other Personal Expenses

FAQs On Our 2 Days Sound Healing In Rishikesh, India

Sound healing is a practice that utilizes sound and music to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and relaxation. It involves using instruments such as singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, and gongs, as well as vocal techniques like toning and chanting.

Rishikesh, known as the "Yoga Capital of the World," is a peaceful and spiritual place providing a perfect place for 2 Days Sound Healing in India. It is surrounded by the Himalayan foothills and the Ganges River, which promotes the learning and practicing of sound healing techniques

Yes, you will receive the certificate for completing our Sound Healing Course in Rishikesh. This certificate from Aradhana Yogashala holds value in the field of sound healing and signifies your dedication and expertise in sound healing.

During our 2 Days Sound Healing in Rishikesh, you will learn about sound healing techniques, the fundamentals of music theory, insights into anatomy and physiology, yoga chakras and energy systems, and the effects of sound on the brain. To know more about the syllabus of 2 Days Sound Healing Course, you can visit our official website, aradhanayogashala.com/

To enroll in our Sound Healing Retreat in Rishikesh, you can visit our official website aradhanayogashala.com/, to fill out the inquiry form or contact our dedicated team for personalized assistance at +91-95575 91290. You can also drop us an email at info@aradhanayogashala.com. We are here to guide you through the enrollment process and answer any further questions you may have.

Price Of 2 Days Sound-Healing

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What Our Students Say About Us?

"It was a nice experience to attend a 2 Days Sound Healing Retreat in Rishikesh. The teachers at Aradhana Yogashala were really understanding and kind. I recommend this retreat to anyone who is curious to know about the amazing power of sound for healing. Thank you!."

Sound Healing Training Course In Rishikesh

Maria Johnson


"When I came to Rishikesh, I didn't know anything about sound healing. But after finishing this course, I feel like I have a superpower! Plus, being with a friendly group of people during the 2 Days Sound Healing Retreat in Rishikesh, India, was really special. Big thanks to Aradhana Yogashala!"

Sound Healing Training Course In Rishikesh



"My time at Aradhana Yogashala was amazing, and it felt like everything was just perfect. I went last year to join a 2 days sound healing course in India, but it turned out to be so much more. It was like a magical experience, and I highly recommend it!"

Sound Healing Training Course In Rishikesh

Jackson Smith


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